Top 10 iOS 9 Features

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Apple's latest software, iOS 9, launched today just ahead of the release dates for iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Pro and new Apple TV. If you don't see the iOS 9 update screen just yet, don't fret it. It's rolling out to some iPhone and iPad users before others and there's a bit of a wait time to install it. There's also a iOS 9.1 public beta available to testers and developers, but like iOS 9, it doesn't include the yet-to-launch Apple Pay store rewards cards program.

As follows are the top 10 iOS 9 features:

1. More multitasking functionality. Different ways to view multitasking windows as well as a special Picture-in-Picture mode that puts videos and FaceTime calls in the corner of the display when the home button is pressed.

2. Compatibility with older iPhone, iPad and even iPod touch devices too. Basically, if your phone runs iOS 8, it can run iOS 9.

3. New emojis. Including a taco, burrito, unicorn face, hot dog, popcorn, turkey and cheese wedge, and yes, even a silly middle finger.

4. Smarter Siri. For example, if you're talking about a topic with someone in iMessages and ask Siri to "Remind me about 'this' later today," it'll scan the open app and try to understand what "this" means.

5. Apple Pay expands. Apple Pay has made its way to the UK. Canada and China are thought to be next up for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus mobile payment platform, but Apple hasn't announce that broad of an expansion just yet.

6. Better Apple Maps. The maps now include public transit directions, routes for buses, trains, subways and ferries.

7. Apple News app. Apple is getting rid of Passbook in favor of Wallet in iOS 9, and it is replacing Newsstand with News, which will look familiar to magazine-style news aggregators.

8. New iOS 9 keyboard. iPad's on-screen keyboard now features a built-in shortcut bar, which flanks the next-word suggestions above the QWERTY letter keys. Shorts are context sensitive and include cut, copy and paste to the left; bold, italic, underline and attachments to the right.

9. Wi-Fi Assist. Apple has also worked out a solution for when your Wi-Fi connection is proving to be a massive pain. It's called Wi-Fi Assist, and it automatically drops your Wi-Fi connection and jumps onto your mobile network whenever it's struggling.You can switch it off if you're on a limited data package but it's a great idea for those who have spotty Wi-Fi connections and get annoyed at having to manually control it.

10. Better efficiency. CPU and GPU usage will be more efficient thanks to iOS 9, further improving performance, and security is said to be stepped up. Hopefully that means last year's iCloud hack isn't going to be an annual incident.

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