Graphene X OMEGA Pants Review 10k Waterproof / 10k Breathable Outdoor Trousers

Friday, March 18, 2022

Along with plenty of multi-pocket options as well as weather and abrasion resistant (150,000 rubs tested), the Graphene X OMEGA pants can take on everything you throw at them like a champ!

The OMEGA pants have taped welded seams to keep wind and water out, as well as a three layer laminate construction that consists of an outer fabric layer (nylon graphene), a thin membrane and lining, which are all laminated together into a single piece of fabric with a 4-way stretch that behaves similar to spandex fabric, stretching crosswise (horizontally) and lengthwise (vertically). The 4 way stretch makes the Graphene X OMEGA pants less restrictive and more comfortable to wear than regular outdoor pants, which typically have a 2-way stretch. 

The OMEGA pants have a 10k waterproof rating so, the pants can handle a decent amount of water. You can walk under a heavy rain downpour and sit on wet grass (or snow) for 2-3 hours before water soaks through the pants. As well as keeping water out, the OMEGA pants have good breathability (10000 g/m2/24h), which allows 10000 grams of sweat to pass through a square meter of the fabric in 24 hours. 

The OMEGA pants off-road performance is matched nicely by a sleak urban look suitable for bike commutes and casual office wear. The pants offer enough breathability and waterproofness for general activities but if you need pants to keep you dry all day, you should seek at least 15k waterproof or 20k waterproof for more demanding pursuits such as back-country skiing. 
A neat feature you get with the OMEGA pants is that it has been treated with a Eco Bionic DWR, which is an environmentally friendly durable-water-resistant treatment that repels water without needing to use PFCs (perfluorinated chemical compounds).
Speaking of skiing, the OMEGA pants can also be used as RECCO ski pants, thanks to the built-in search & rescue transponder located inside the storm flap cargo pocket (left side). The RECCO transponder runs without batteries and has a range of about 120 meters, making it useful should you get trapped under an avalanche or lost on a trail. RECCO rescue services can be found globally across 32 countries but, they aren't available everywhere; hence it's worth inquiring this before hitting the trails or heading out to a ski resort. 

The OMEGA pants come with pocket watch built-in, which integrates a nylon cord loop for clipping keys. The pocket watch measures 6.5cm long and 8cm high. The side pockets are located forward on the thighs and are equipped with waterproof YKK metal zippers and plastic square teeth. The side pocket zipper opening measures 15cm long, while the side pocket dimension is 16cm wide and 16cm deep. You can easily fit a smartphone, although it would have been better if the OMEGA pants had the same oversize form factor of the Alpha Series II jacket side pockets. 

As well as side pockets, the OMEGA pants integrate a hidden side cargo zippered pocket on each side of the leg - just above knee level. The cargo pockets are slightly on the small side too, measuring 20cm long and 14cm high. The cargo pocket zippers are waterproof and integrate a YKK metal slider with square teeth. The storm flaps of the cargo pockets also integrate a magnet that keeps the storm flap neatly tucked down.  

Graphene X branding can be found on the rear side of the pants (heat press X logo) alongside two standard zippered back pockets with storm flaps, YKK metal sliders and rubber pull-tabs. The back pockets measure 12cm long and 20cm high and are lined with soft black fabric material. While the back pockets' zippers aren't waterproof, the storm flap keeps water out. The OMEGA pants integrate a fly front zipper (13cm long) and a hidden waist bar closure, which fastens via two snap popper press studs.
Internally, at waist level, there is a small secret (non-waterproof) zippered pocket (with a standard YKK zipper) and made with a thinner denier of nylon-graphene material. Care instructions have been heat printed on the front of the secret pocket, which measures 13cm long and 10cm high and has an 8cm long zipper opening. 

There is a second secret zippered pocket found on the OMEGA pants. It is located externally below the left side pocket and opens up via an invisible metal YKK zipper (12cm long). This external secret pocket is lined with mesh fabric and, it's very small and slimline - big enough to accommodate a tactical pen flashlight.

The OMEGA pants come in various sizes xs, small, medium, large and extra large. The size pictured on this review is medium, which weighs 800 grams and has a 74cm long inseam leg, which runs from the crotch down the bottom hem of the leg. The bottom end of the legs integrate a non-waterproof storm flap ankle zipper (19cm long) with adjustable snap poppers to cinch (shorten) the bottom hem of the ankle from 20cm, down to 18cm and 14cm.

The OMEGA pants are non-pleated pants so, there aren't any creases or folds on the front of the pants. The waistline integrates a total of 5 oversize belt loops, measuring 2.5cm wide and 6.5cm high. The belt loops have a thick, sturdy construction with reinforced stitching. 

Other benefits you get with the OMEGA pants 4 way stretch and graphene integration are enhance durability of the fabric, scratch resistance and bacteriostatic properties to suppress harmful bacteria from growing within the fibers. It's worth pointing out that bacteriostatic and antibacterial are not the same. Antibacterial agents only suppress the skin odor bacteria (staphylococcus aureus) that causes the smell, while bacteriostatic agents also suppress odor bacteria, as well as more harmful bacteria such as "klebsiella pneumoniae". Medical clothing (e.g. doctor white coats and nurses uniforms) are made of bacteriostatic fabric.
The Graphene X OMEGA are a nice looking pair of multipurpose windproof trousers with 8 zippered pockets, 10000mm waterproof rating and 10000gsm breathable, which provides adequate protection against water and a good level of ventilation for general outdoor use that doesn't involve very strenuous activities such as trail walking, canoeing and camping. The OMEGA pants have well above average waterproof and breathability ratings - much higher than a lot of mainstream ski clothing brands. The OMEGA pants even block UV rays (PFC 50 UV protection), making them suitable for snow activities. 
The OMEGA pants do a good job of self-regulating heat and wick away moisture but, these pants can get toastie, making them best suited for light to moderate active use (e.g. novice/intermediate level skier). For sustained, high aerobic activities in all weather you may find a higher rating - above 20k waterproof and 20,000g/m2/24 hours breathability - works best. You can buy the OMEGA pants directly from Graphene X website and get also a drawstring pouch included to store the pants. Check out the review of the Hoodie X reversible jacket. Check out the review of the new All Rounder Shorts.

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