ILIFE EASINE W100 Review Cordless Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Thursday, April 07, 2022

The problem with the traditional funnel mop bucket it's that the first plunge with the mop will dirty the entire bucket of clean water, forcing to mop dirt around the floor, which defeats the purpose of cleaning. A wet and dry vac like the ILIFE EASINE W100 solves the mop bucket problem by sucking up the dirty water into a separate reservoir compartment, keeping the clean water tank "clean"

The ILIFE EASINE W100 vacuum cleaner comes with a detachable long pole grab handle, which integrates two physical buttons and a trigger button to manually squirt clean water. The handle buttons controls power and two cleaning modes (ECO and MAX). The trigger button has a solid construction (does not wobble) and has a responsive clicky actuation. The other two buttons are clicky too but don't feel quite as responsive due to their "mushy" kinda loose/wobbly construction.

The EASINE W100 handle pole is non-telescopic so, it does not retract or extend but, it's extremely lightweight - made of aluminum alloy (pole) and plastic (handle and buttons). The handle pole integrates a 4-pin male connector block (similar to a deutsch connector) which plugs inside the small cutout on top of the vacuum on-board screen display. Once inserted, the handle pole clips into place securely and will not come off, which is perfect, although removing the handle pole isn't as convenient. 
You have to use a long screw driver or pointy tool (not included) to unlock the locking latch mechanism to manually release the pole handle. The handle pole weighs 225 grams and measures 55cm long. The grab handle section measures 13cm long and 4.5cm high so, it's large enough to accommodate big hands. 

The weight of the EASINE W100 vacuum is 3.7kg (3.9kg including the pole handle). In the upright position, the EASINE W100 vacuum measures 70cm tall without the handle and 117cm tall with the handle pole. The floor/mop head is non-detachable so, it's permanently fixed to the body of the machine. The depth of the vacuum (including the floor head) it's 29cm deep approximately. The length of the vacuum (including the floor head) it's 28cm long. The height of the floor head is 6cm high. 
The EASINE W100 floor head integrates a mop roller, two large rubberized plastic rear wheels and two smaller front wheels (also rubberized) to help prevent the floor head from scratching the floor. The mop roller has red bristles embedded within the soft fabric loose threads to help the brushing action. The mop roller is detachable and easy to remove. 
Simply unclip the top clear panel and lift the mop roller which easily unclips from the floor head housing. The top clear panel has a rubber gasket to help keep a tight seal. The W100 vacuum is equipped with a small sturdy carry handle on the rear to carry the vacuum around. The carry handle is very comfortable and doesn't dig in the hand, thanks to the rubberized padding on the underside.

The EASINE W100 vacuum integrates two detachable containers on-board. The top container is the fresh water reservoir (0.6 liters). It is made of plastic and integrates a metal filter mesh drip release mechanism that filters the water while it's being released. The top container features an inlet hole for pouring in fresh water and integrates a rubber bung plug to stop water leaking out. 
The bottom plastic container is the outlet reservoir (0.5 liter) container where the dirty water and dry debris collects into. The bottom container disassembles into 3 parts including a removable paper-woven hepa filter housed inside a plastic enclosure with a thick rubber seal to help maintain a tight seal. The containers are easy to remove and attach, thanks to the spring loaded latch mechanism.

Included also it's a charging dock which doubles also as a floor stand for keeping the accessories: a small Hepa cleaning brush (11cm long) and a wire brush (28 cm long). The floor stand keeps the EASINE W100 vacuum securely upright. The EASINE W100 vacuum charging dock holder is not wall mountable.
The EASINE W100 charging dock is entirely made of plastic so, it's very lightweight but durable. It integrates a DC charging port at the top of the charging stem to plug in the included 21.6 watt power adapter (27V/0.8A). The vacuum cleaner runs specifically on 27 volts so, you can't use any other power adapter unless it is the exact same rating. The included power adapter is an EU plug (2-pin) with a 1.5 meters long cable lead.

The EASINE W100 water vacuum cleaner integrates a large, non-removable 3000mAh battery pack on the backside, which takes 4 hours to recharge (no quick charge support) and provides a runtime of 25 minutes battery life in ECO mode (low setting) and 20 minutes in MAX mode (high setting). As far as performance, the W100 performs best on smooth surfaces where the machine is able to easily pickup dirt and/or water spillages. 
You can also use it on carpets, although the performance won't be as good if you have pets due to the fact that the mop roller doesn't have enough hard bristles to pick small hairs. It would been ideal if the EASINE W100 had a medium setting and/or a wider suction power gap between ECO (4.8kPa) and MAX (5.5kPa) modes. The battery capacity could have also been larger (maybe 6000mAh) to give the unit a longer battery life runtime. 

There are two other buttons on the body of the vacuum. One of those buttons (on top of the on-board screen) is for the self cleaning function, which lasts 60 seconds. During that time, the machine automatically washes the mop roller, using the clean water tank. Self cleaning mode automatically spins the mop roller while feeding clean water from the reservoir to clean the mop. Self cleaning mode works better right after a cleaning session.

The other button on the body of the vacuum is located on the rear side (above the battery pack) - it's for turning on/off the voice prompt. The voice prompt can get annoying as you can hear it all the time (e.g. when powering on/off) but, it is useful as an audible alert to warn you of events as the dirty water tank not being properly attached (see video test). There is no charging port built-in to the vacuum cleaner; hence the only way to charge it is via the included charging floor stand. This means, you cannot charge whilst charging but this is designed as a safety feature. 
The W100 water vacuum cleaner isn't a regular vacuum cleaner. It carries water so, it would be dangerous to connect power directly into the vacuum cleaner; hence the lack of charging port on-board the machine. Another extra feature that the W100 cleaner could have had it's a couple of USB ports on the floor stand (for charging external devices). 
The on-board screen display lights up in the dark and displays useful information such as power remaining and suction mode. The on-board display makes the W100 vacuum look more premium and, it's a good selling point that some buyers will appreciate. That said, because of the basic information shown, the screen display can be a bit redundant. The manufacturer could have reduced manufacturing costs by not including the screen, making the W100 vacuum even cheaper. You can buy the EASINE W100 vacuum wet dry cleaner from amazon.

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