Sculpfun S30 Pro Review Diode Laser Engraver Cutting Machine

Tuesday, June 06, 2023


The SCULPFUN S30 PRO Laser Engraving Machine is a powerful and versatile tool that delivers exceptional engraving and cutting capabilities. With upgraded laser technology, innovative features, and a user-friendly design, it stands out as a reliable choice for a wide range of projects. In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into the machine's performance, specifications, and compare it to other laser engraving machines on the market.

The S30 PRO boasts impressive engraving performance, thanks to its 10W laser power, enabling faster cutting speeds and exceptional precision. It effortlessly handles tasks with balsa wood (up to 10mm) or plywood (up to 6cm), maintaining industrial-grade engraving accuracy while minimizing wavy patterns on smaller items. The large 410*400mm engraving area caters to various project sizes, making it suitable for intricate designs and larger-scale work.

What sets the S30 PRO apart from many laser engravers is its integration of air-assist and 12V air pump system. This ensures the removal of excess smoke/fumes during the cutting and engraving process, resulting in cleaner and more precise engraving and cutting. The air assist consists of a high-pressure metal nozzle built into the laser diode module alongside the laser nozzle. 
The inclusion of a replaceable protective lens enhances the machine's longevity, offering over 10 times the lifespan of other lasers. The package includes a free lens, and additional lenses can be easily purchased from SCULPFUN. The 1.1kg air pump comes with a built-in 1.5-meter non-detachable cable, connecting to the S30 Pro machine via JST connection.

The S30 PRO laser machine consists of two main components: the diode laser module and the detachable control module, housing the "brain" electronics of the laser machine. The control module integrates a power switch, DC power port, and flexible braided cabling (1.3 meters) to hardwire the control module to the diode laser module and XY motors. The long cabling allows for easy expansion of the engraving area with the extension kit (not included).

Weighing 307 grams, the S30 Pro control module offers stability, while the 293-gram S30 Pro diode laser features an aluminum metal enclosure with four detachable beams. Both the laser nozzle and air assist nozzle are also made of metal.

In comparison to other laser engraving machines, the S30 PRO offers comprehensive performance and a user-friendly design. Its robust aluminum alloy frame, weighing 970 grams, can support up to 50KG, ensuring durability and long-term precision. The high-precision linear slide rail further enhances stability. The machine's expandable XY-axis design allows for easy upgrading of the engraving area, accommodating larger projects and diverse creative needs. This versatility makes the S30 PRO an excellent choice for hobbyists and professionals alike.

The S30 PRO supports multiple software options, including LightBurn, LaserGRBL, Benbox, and GrblController, making it compatible with both Windows and MAC systems. The included LightBurn software enhances functionality and offers convenient control of the air-assist feature, which works automatically. The user-friendly interface, coupled with precise scale lines on the X and Y axes, simplifies project setup and ensures accurate results. Bear in mind, when using LaserGRBL software air assist will not work automatically.

While the S30 PRO offers exceptional performance, a few limitations should be considered. Engraving reflective surfaces may require extra precautions to avoid injury or damage due to the machine's powerful laser. Proper supervision is necessary during operation, and it's advisable to pause the machine when unattended. However, these considerations are typical for laser engraving machines and can be managed with careful handling and adherence to safety protocols.

The S30 Pro lacks an anti-knock sensor, which would be useful for detecting unwanted movement if the frame is accidentally knocked. Assembling the machine is required upon unboxing, including attaching the timing belts to the drive pulleys. Another potential drawback is that the included laser module is fixed focus, limiting the ability to adjust the focus length. However, the S30 PRO is compatible with third-party laser engravers, allowing users to purchase a short focus or long focus laser diode from another manufacturer.

Maintaining the S30 PRO is straightforward, you can easily clean it and replace the laser lens when necessary. The machine feels durable and well-made, ensuring long-term usability and precision. The laser diode module, weighing 292 grams, features a built-in fan for the air assist function.

The SCULPFUN S30 PRO Laser Engraving Machine combines precision, versatility, and user-friendly features to deliver outstanding performance. With its upgraded laser technology, air-assist system, expandable design, and compatibility with popular software, it is a powerful tool for engraving and cutting projects of various scales. 
While considerations regarding reflective surfaces and laser power supervision exist, the S30 PRO's positive aspects, including exceptional engraving accuracy, sturdy construction, and comprehensive software support, make it a valuable investment for hobbyists and professionals. Unlock your creativity and explore endless possibilities with the SCULPFUN S30 PRO Laser Engraving Machine.

Potential deal breakers
  • Higher Price Point
  • Learning Curve
  • Supervision Requirement
  • Limited Offline Printing Function
  • Requires assembly
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Non-OD-rated laser safety glasses
  • No anti-knock sensor
  • Non-adjustable fixed focus laser

Selling points
  • Air Assist support
  • Can engrave various materials with ease (e.g. wood and acrylic to leather and stainless steel
  • Built-in High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle
  • Air pump included
  • XY Limit switch
  • Includes LightBurn software
  • Capable of cutting and engraving
  • Replaceable laser diode lens
  • Detachable eye shield
  • Premium aluminium alloy build
  • Expandable engraving area
  • Accurate engraving
  • compatible with other engraving machine brands
  • Generous engraving area
Accessories included are a blue cable (1.4 meters), air assist silicone tubing (1.5 meters), 84W DC barrel power brick adapter, nuts and bolts, spanner, screw driver, allen wrench, laser repair kit, 12V laser module (fixed focus), detachable laser eye shield, timing drive belts, air pump, diode laser module, green safety glasses. 
As well as these accessories, the SCULPFUN S30 Pro comes with a comprehensive user manual that covers parameter settings and operational instructions. There is also customer support and warranty coverage. The S30 Pro machine is the 10W version. There are also other variants: S30 (5W), S30 Pro Max (20W) and S30 Ultra (33W). You can buy the Sculpfun S30 Pro from Sculpfun website (use promo code KJKXP7) and amazon.

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