This Undershirt Helps You Have the Right Posture

Saturday, October 31, 2015

What it is:
The Percko is an undershirt lined with tensors in the shape of your back with the idea of good posture in mind. When you’re sitting up straight, you don’t feel a thing. But when you hunch, slouch or move in any way that’s bad for your back, you’ll feel a slight stimulation in the right direction, letting you know you’ve got to re-adjust. It does this all without any electronics, you don't even need a mobile app.The sleek design aligns to the natural shape of the back, which prevents restriction but allows users to move around as they would throughout the day.The best thing about The Percko is that it is designed for you to continue to maintain your already existing life style. So if you commute to work, work from home or are simple going to the grocery store,The Percko is right there, and it has your back, helping you improve your posture.

How it works:
Other products work with lumbar supports that maintain the muscle’s position by working for them. This impact is counter-productive since when other products support your back, your muscle don't exercise, weakening the back of the user. The Percko works by stimulating, not supporting, the whole spine from your pelvis to your neck. Not only does this approach avoid weakening your muscles, but it builds good habits that last even when you take The Percko off.

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