Angee Is A Cool Autonomous Home Security System

Monday, November 02, 2015

Angee gives you a full 360° view of your home — with voice recognition, at-the-door identification, motion-detecting rotation, advanced learning, cordless portability, and a number of additional features, all without any subscription fees.

How It works
Angee detects activity 360° around it and can turn towards whatever is happening in the vicinity. You’ll have a complete view of what’s going on at your home, even when you’re away. Angee's state-of-the-art motion-tracking technology is also great for streaming and recording family videos.

With Angee you can easily set up to four 'activity zones' which Angee can keep watch over specifically. Angee can keep an eye on your back door, work station, or any other area, and alert you if anyone trespasses in these zones.

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