Lupo Bluetooth Tracker For Smartphones And Tablets

Monday, November 09, 2015

Lupo is a small item finder device (the size of a pound coin) that uses Bluetooth to track and alert you of the location of anything tagged with the Lupo. Being someone who typically misplaces their wallet and keys, I was quite looking forward to seeing how this smart little gadget worked!

The Lupo comes ready to use out of the box. Firstly, download the Lupo app from the Google App Store or iTunes App store for your Apple or Android phone. Then, launch the app and press and hold on the switch on the Lupo device to allow the Lupo app to pair with the Lupo (this takes a few seconds). After that, you are ready to tag and use the Lupo. An instructions manual do come with the Lupo though the Lupo User Manual has more detailed information.

The Lupo app interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can either call the Lupo or view it on a map (make sure you turn GPS map location on your phone). If your phone is within range of the Lupo, the app will display a message "it's close by" or "it's out of range". If you are out of range, you can select "view on map" and the app will show you the last known recorded location (including date and time) of the Lupo.

The Verdict
One of my favorite features of the Lupo is the camera feature, which allows you to take pictures on your smartphone by pressing the switch on the Lupo tag. Essentially, you can take pictures on your smartphone by remote control! Another clever feature of the Lupo is the "Alert" feature, where you are alerted (by way of sound) that your phone has lost contact with the Lupo . This feature is quite useful as it means if you were to drop your keys or forget your wallet at a restaurant you would be alerted. Check out Lupo Bluetooth Tracker

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