Macro Lens For Smartphone Macro Photography

Friday, November 06, 2015

I am reviewing today the latest product from Micro Phone Lens -  the Macro Lens - which comes in both 4x and 8x magnification for smart phone photography. Both the 4x and 8x Macro Lenses arrived in individually secured plastic cases (similar to contact lenses cases). The Macro Lens sticks-on to the phone's camera in seconds and you are ready to take a picture without the need of an app. Once you are done, you simply pull-off the lens and put it back in its plastic case.

A great feature of the Macro Lens is that the stick-on and pull-off design lasts forever and requires no adhesives. The Macro Lens case is super small (the size of a coin) and easy to carry inside your pocket. Also, the Macro Lens fits all devices that have a camera such as smartphones, tablets, etc

Images taken with the x4 Lens

Images taken with the x8 Lens

The Verdict
The Macro Lens actually improves the phone's camera close-up blind spot by allowing you to take cool close-up pictures with your phone. The Macro Lens is also practical and can be used as an alternative to using reading glasses for reading small print. Check out MPL Macro

Technical Specs
  • Material: Platinum Catalyzed Silicone
  • Focal Length: 4x - 2cm; 8x - 4cm
  • Field of View: 4x - 20.0mm; 8x - 41.5mm
  • Recommended Camera Resolution: 5 Megapixel or Greater
  • Lens Diameter: 6mm
  • Lens Height: 2mm
  • Case Dimensions: 1.25 inch Diameter by 0.5 inch height ( roughly 3 by 1 cm)
  • Weight in Case: 2 grams / 0.75 ounce

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