Pokemon Go Would Look Crazy Cool With HoloLens Technology!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Microsoft is making some serious strides in the world of gaming by releasing an amazing proof of concept called HoloLens 'Mixed Reality', which is the first fully untethered, holographic gaming system to integrate high-definition holograms with the environment around you. Essentially, HoloLens Mixed Reality gaming can turn every room of your house into a personalized video game level.

The HoloLens Mixed Reality technology allows the user to hold actual holograms and experience "almost real" game play thanks to spatial sound. The video demonstration I watched showed a demonstrator actually holding a holographic gauntlet that he uses to battle robots in a game called Project Xray. The holographic gauntlet allowed the demonstrator to shoot as well as use pretty awesome modes such as "vortex mode" and "shield mode"

What's pretty spectacular about this HoloLens 'Mixed Reality' technology is that holograms interact with the environment around them and with each other. Holograms also move with you or on you as wearable holograms, and you are completely free to move around. The guy demonstrating this in the video below shows how he is able to move away from the fire shots of the robots who, by the way, knew where the walls and furniture were and used that knowledge to navigate and plan attacks against him.

If Project Xray looks this awesome in HoloLens, can you imagine how cool Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon Go or Star Wars Battlefront would look with HoloLens technology? I know it's early stages but HoloLens already looks this impressive. Just think how much farther along this technology will be in 10 years from now. Hats off to the brains behind HoloLens as plenty of industrial and educational applications will come out of this HoloLens technology.

Here is a video showing HoloLens Mixed Reality Gaming in action: 

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