Sega Toys Homestar Original Home Planetarium

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Gadget Explained loves sharing cool gadgets and the latest one is the Homestar Original by Sega Toys which is a nifty home planetarium star projector which allows constellation spotting and stargazing from the comfort of your home. The home planetarium projector unit comes with an easy to follow manual guide,  AC adapter (with a UK plug and EU plug), a skymap of the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere, two projector discs which project the night sky and constellations of the Northern Hemisphere.

While the back of the home planetarium hosts a DC power jack, the controls are located on the front. They consists of a timer switch, move switch (to move the projection), shooting star switch (shows a shooting star during the projection) and power off switch. The timer switch allows you to set the planetarium projector to automatically turn off in 15, 30 or 60 minutes. The bottom of the planetarium projector has the vents projector fan, while at the top you will find the projector and focus ring.

To use the home planetarium projector, you simply insert one of the discs in the projector tray and adjust the focus of the lens by simply rotating it and you instantly get a beautiful view of the night sky in your own room. When the "move" and shooting star effect are turned on it really makes a nice difference to the projection as it injects some realism giving the illusion of being out in space.

The Verdict
If you are looking for a home planetarium projector for relaxation or to introduce your children to the night sky, you will love the Homestar Original by Sega Toys as it creates a nice relaxing and realistic experience. The Homestar Original home planetarium star projector is certainly not just for kids and doesn't feel toy-like because of its high quality sturdy build. Check out the Home Planetarium Star Projector By Sega Toys

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