SHRU Smart Cat Toy Gets Your Cat Wiggling Uncontrollably!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Up for review today is a smart cat toy called SHRU, which has a cute shape of an egg with a feather tail attached to it! This cat toy is the first motion-operated cat toy I have come across that it is rechargeable through a USB phone charging cord, eliminating the need of having to buy batteries (full charge takes around 60 minutes).

The exterior of the SHRU itself is made of a smooth hard plastic shaped like an egg which allows it to roll, just like an egg would, back and forth over carpet, wood flooring, etc. The SHRU cat toy shakes and makes cute sounds and is able to sense obstacles as well as the presence of your kitty. The settings of the SHRU can be adjusted by simply connecting it via USB cable to your PC or laptop. Then download the SHRUPlay App and from the app you can change the sound type, volume, play mode, and play duration. You can also turn off the sound if you want to.

A couple of other nifty features of the SHRU are the sleep/wake up mode and its ability to be re-calibrated. You can program the SHRU to turn off itself after 1 hour of no play, but as soon as your kitty taps it or nudges it, the SHRU automatically turns on, which is cool! To manually turn on and off the SHRU, you do it by pressing and holding the silver tab for 1-2 seconds to turn on and/or off.

The Verdict
If you are looking for a cat companion, the SHRU will spice your cat's play and keep them busy. The SHRU interactivity can be adjusted and you will never need to buy batteries again. As soon as the SHRU starts rolling, your cat's butt will start to wiggle uncontrollably! Check out SHRU Cat Companion.

Here is the SHRU in action bringing two cats together:

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