How Would a Pokemon PokeBall Work in Real Life?

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The idea of a real life Star Wars Lightsaber really fired up my imagination and that got me thinking about real Pokemon. Can you imagine PokeBalls ever becoming a reality? How cool would it be to have a Zoroark or a Dialga as a companion, right? The question is though, how would a PokeBall work in real life and would PokeBalls work the way we know?

If we can train a dog how to use his senses for our benefit, why can't we train and harness the supersonic sound waves of a bat? We know Pokemon are wild animals with supernatural powers who are able to spew flames, shoot electricity, etc. Pokemon become Pocket Monsters once their trainers who capture them, train them to harness their supernatural ability and store them in PokeBalls as companions.

For PokeBalls to work in real life, we would have to invent technology to shrink physical objects or organisms to fit into PokeBalls. The good news is though that this type of technology isn't far fetched since scientists in the field of Quantum entanglement were able, not too long ago, to teleport atoms 3 meters away with 100% accuracy. According to the scientists, nothing in the laws of physics fundamentally stops the teleportation of large objects, including humans.

Perhaps, a real life PokeBall could work as portable teleporting system whereby, instead of storing living things into the PokeBall, the living things would just teleport to another medium until it's time for them to come out. An obstacle to overcome, of course, would be to physically shrink and enlarge living things without altering their genetic makeup.
We know Pokemon alters into a red light beam as it's about to exit and enter a PokeBall. We would have to find an efficient way to transform matter into energy as well as a way to deconstruct and reorganize the entire atoms of a being. I guess one workaround could be to store Pokemon as data or energy. Data seems more feasible as it would be a case of creating original data versions of things by compressing things down to size on an atomic level in order to preserve DNA, so to end up with a digitally stored copy of the original.

If a living thing was to be stored in a PokeBall as energy, how would energy be able to store memory though? In other words, how would the living thing be able to spawn into matter from energy? You would need some type of super small memory chip device inside the PokeBall that would contain all the instructions of the atom arrangement of the living thing in order to reassemble it exactly.

Perhaps the answer is BioKinesis? Through Biokinesis it is reported one can reprogram one's cells and DNA by the use of the power of mind meditation, and apparently, people have actually been able to change their eye color by the simple use of BioKinesis. Perhaps, biological manipulation (a.k.a BioKinesis) could be the answer for shrinking Pokemon?

Whether Pokemon and PokeBalls will become reality in our lifetime, it's questionable, though we know science is unpredictable. Most likely before we see Pokemon/PokeBall technology becoming real life, we will see Pokemon existing in a very real virtual reality simulator in the not distant future thanks to technology such as HoloLens Mixed Reality gaming being developed by Microsoft. You can buy Pokemon and PokeBalls on Amazon.

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