Robocopp Personal Safety Alarm Loud As An Ambulance Siren!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Today I have a pretty cool piece of safety wearable gadget that I wanted to check out for its many possible uses as personal protection in an urban setting, outdoor survival and security perimeter device. The Robocopp is a personal safety alarm with a super loud alarm that will possibly scare off an attacker and/or alert other people that you may need help. The Robocopp is very easy to use, simply pull the u-hook and watch your ears! The siren on this thing is as loud as an ambulance siren, which is 120 decibels!
Robocopp is real loud, reusable (simply pull the u-hook back), lightweight and it works great for drawing attention to yourself. Out in the woods, the Robocopp could come really handy if you were in a situation where maybe you need to be rescued or need to be found. Also, when camping you could put a perimeter alarm around your campsite to alert you of animals of other people intruding. Robocopp makes also a nice addition to a child safety kit as it is simple to use for children should they ever need to get someones attention for help (120 decibels really caries along way!). Safety gadgets have really come along way from the days of the metal squirt gun, also known as, the liquid pistol!
As far as batteries, Robocopp comes preloaded with two replaceable CR1632 coin cell batteries, which last around a year (depending on use). To change the batteries, simply hold the unit and twist the u-hook to split open the housing cover unit. Then, replace the batteries and re-align the front and back housing cover and press them gently together until the two parts clip.

The Verdict
Robocopp works great as a personal alarm but it also has other useful possibilities that you could potentially use Robocopp for like a camp perimeter security setup with eye hooks and fishing line as trip wire to repel wild animal, or booby trapping for thieves. The Robocopp can even come handy as a door alarm, not only for your home, but a motel or even a hotel room. Robocopp comes with a 5 year warranty. Check out Robocopp Personal Alarm

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