Emergency Paracord Wristband Military Spec 550 7 Strand With Firestarter By Bomber Co!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A paracord firestarter bracelet? What a fantastic idea for the avid outdoorsman!
An emergency paracord keychain and wrist band with firestarter brings more functionality to a survival kit and really comes handy in every camping and backpacking trip.
The parachute cord firestarter bracelet and keychain that you see is by Bomber & Company and it's type III military specification 550 with 7 strands of 100% nylon, which means it has a minimum breaking strength of 550 lbs.
Type III Mil-Spec 550 cord is the more versatile of all paracord types and it's the same type of cord used by the military for suspension lines on parachutes as it has a stronger inner core (5/32" Diameter).
You can split the inner strands to really stretch it far and use it for a variety of survival and everyday applications such as tying tarp to trees, binding a makeshift shelter, as a lanyard to hold items, emergency snare, fishing line, boot laces, dog lead, bow drill, trouser belt and clothesline. There are literary hundreds of uses for parachute 550 cord and it's good to have when you need to pull a McGyver!
The Verdict
The firestarter paracord bracelet and keychain by Bomber & Company are well made bits of essential gear for an emergency kit. Both the keychain and wristband are made from 100% heavy duty nylon material and they are 550 Pound tested with 7 strand core. The paracord bracelet and keychain are both a functional novelty as well as a must have for all campers and in an every day carry (EDC). The bracelet is comfortable on the wrist and the firestarter with the steel works very well with the flint producing an impressive spark. You get 3 meters of cordage out of the wristband. Check out the firestarter paracord bracelet and keychain by Bomber & Company

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