Domotics IoT Starter Kit For Arduino, Raspberry Pi and UDOO microcomputers!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

If you are new to the world of Internet of Things, an IoT starter kit is what you need to get you started. There are plenty of IoT offerings out there but you want to pick a solution that is compatible with as many microcomputers as possible.
The Domotics starter kit I am using myself is pin to pin compatible with Arduino, UDOO and Raspberry Pi microcomputers, and comes with radio shields, power shields and sensors, which are included in the Wave4U Fritzing library and available to download.
Inside the box you get:

1 radio shield for your Raspberry Pi or UDOO microcomputer

2 Arduino One  radio shields

2 power shields

3 antennas (868/915 MHz each)

Three 433MHz radio Rx and Tx modules (2 Rx and 1 Tx)

1 rain sensor shield

1 DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor shield, 1 TC74 I2C temperature sensor, 1 VT935G photoresistor, 1 hall effect sensor, 1 TSL2561 Luminosity/Lux/Light sensor and water flow sensor.
With this Domotics starter kit you can collect, monitor and analyze real time data and remotely control, dimmer and schedule power on/off  devices through your smartphone, PC or tablet via the KOSMO tool. You can also set rules for actions to take place for certain conditions like high or low humidity and temperature levels, as well as the noise levels of your devices (you can set a rule to turn down the volume if the sound is too loud). You can even set a rule for an email/SMS alert to let you know if there is a gas leak.

The Domotics kit is compatible with Android, Windows and iOS and the radio and power shields and sensors are also compatible with all the sketches and resources available on the Arduino, Raspberry Pi communities. Check out the Domotics starter Kit

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