Doodle With The Mozbii Stylus Pen And Free Interactive Apps!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Mozbii stylus pen is a cool and practical nifty gadget that can literary capture colors from anything and instantly use them in your tablet. The back of the Mozbii Stylus features a color RGB sensor that allows you to scan capture thousands of different colors (up to 65,000) from real world and then transfer the color via Bluetooth to a tablet for the child to draw the color they have just scanned.

The Mozbii stylus pen itself consists of a "Lollipop" shaped body, three buttons (color capturing button and two navigational buttons), a color RGB sensor a capacitive stylus nib (located at the tip of the Mozbii pen), a magnetic charge connector port, and a flexible silica-gel neck.
The sensitivity of the RGB sensor is pretty good as it's able to capture different shades of a particular color. Once the Mozbii captures the color, it's automatically saved in the Mozbii’s app where you can then use it to fill in coloring pages or just doodle to your hearts content.
The Mozbii pen is designed for children from ages 3 to 12 years and it's user friendly and robust. The neck of the Mozbii color picking stylus is flexible, can be bent, and can be attached to any metallic surface like a fridge or whiteboard.
The Mozbii stylus pen is easily charged via a magnetic charging connector head with charging time taking 3 hours. Play time battery life is around eight weeks and six months on stand by.

To start using the Mozbii, you simply download the free Mozbii apps (for both iOS and Android tablets), which include the Mozbii Coloring Book app, Mozbii- Fruit app, Mozbii-ABC app, Mozbii-Band, Moz A+ app, Pakingo app.
The Verdict
The Mozbii stylus pen comes with a case, an easy to follow user's manual, charging cable. It's a cool learning tool for children and toddlers alike who will be able to learn from their surroundings and draw freely on their tablet. The Mozbii stylus pen is compatible with iPad 3 and newer, iPAd Air &iPad Mini, Android4.3+ with Bluetooth LE. Check out the Mozbii Stylus Pen or contact their support team at

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