Moov Workout Band Has Real-life Voice Coach And 3D-motion!

Monday, March 07, 2016

Moov Now is an activity band that tracks movements in 3D and offer audio feedback in real time to improve your exercise performance. Inside the box you find two strap bands (one for your wrist and one for your ankle). Tracking and monitoring is done via the Moov Coach App so to get started you need download it from the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS).
The Moov fitness band tracks active minutes and sleep (when you fall asleep and for how long) and you can track different exercises, including swimming, cycling, boxing, running/walking and indoor workouts (called 7 minutes + workout). When tracking a running/walking workout you can select from efficiency running, brisk walking and sprinting. Each running/walking exercise can be adjusted to match your skill level by simply swapping up and down the screen.
As you are performing the running/walking exercise, you will hear an audio voice telling you what to do and how to do it via real-time audio (everything from indicating your pace, minutes left, distance lapse and time left to go to whether you need to pick up speed).
While doing your running/walking workout, the Moov Coach App also measures the G-Forces of your feet hitting the ground and whether your feet are hitting the ground too hard. The Moov App will advise you to either shorten or lengthen your stride to adjust the range of motion of your feet.
During your running workout, the Moov Coach also suggests subtle audio reminders reminding you to relax your arms and shoulders.
When tracking a cycling workout, the Moov App shows in real time whether you are pedaling too slow or too fast, and if so, how you can be a better, more efficient cyclist. The Moov App also enables the GPS for the App to record the speed and distance. In Cycling mode, there is a proprietary feature called "Moov Power", which is a metric based on your, weight, cadence, speed, course and other factors. The "Moov Power" essentially helps you estimate how hard you can or should work during a ride.
The Moov also tracks swimming exercises so you can take the Moov with you to a swimming pool without the need of the App. After your swimming session is done, your upload it to the App and enter the pool length. The Moov App will then calculate automatically distance, laps, pace, resting time and stroke count.
The 7 minutes+ workout, consists of a series of exercises (jumping jacks, squats, push ups and sit ups), all visually illustrated on the Moov App that are designed to work out your lower body, upper body, and core. The video illustration of the exercises is a cool feature as you can imitate if you are unsure how the exercise is performed. As you perform the exercise, green lines move around a green circle registering your movement in real time. A properly completed action, will register the green lines moving fully around the green circle.
The Verdict
Moov Now comes with an elastic, breathable and comfortable to wear snapping button band that does not come undone during workouts. The workout programs are great as the metrics focus on key components that make you perform better at exercising and burning fat. The coaching suggestions during different workout programs are varied and tailored to each specific program so they don't feel repetitive.
The Moov Now activity band offers real time activity tracking through an audio voice-coach that helps you improve your exercise performance. You can also pair a Bluetooth 4.0 chest hear rate tracker for walking, running and cycling. The coin cell CR2032 battery inside the Moov lasts around 6 months. The coaching audio cues can be adjusted or turned off. Cardioboxing requires two Moov trackers (one for each wrist) and essentially allows you to shadow box by hitting targets on the screen while the App notes your power, speed, accuracy and response times of your punches. Check out the Moov Now Fitness Wearable Coach

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