Intel CPU Delid Tool Removes Heat Spreader Without A Razor or Vice!

Monday, April 25, 2016

A cooler engine in a car equals better performance and that's exactly the same thing you want from a computer's processor unit...a cool CPU! A CPU (central processor unit) gives off ridiculous amounts of heat; hence lower CPU temperatures equals better computer performance.

One sure way to get higher clocks and volts and lower CPU temps is by replacing the factory Thermal Interface Material (TIM) thermal paste in favor of a more efficient and thinner TIM thermal paste, which will give a major increase in heat transfer efficiency; hence cooler CPU temperatures.
In order to replace the TIM paste you will need to remove the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) copper plate, which is glued on top of the CPU die.
Using razor blades, hammers and/or a metalworking vice are some ways to accomplish the removal of the CPU Die from the IHS; however, you can almost guaranteed damaging the CPU one way or another.

If you have tried the razor blade method or the metalworking vice delidding method, you will know how tricky (and dangerous) it is to remove the heat spreader without actually damaging the CPU. Worse, you can risk losing a finger; hence why you always want to use a pair of trusty gloves for these type of jobs.
A CPU delid tool is truly and really an overclockers' more wondering if the CPU will survive the removal of the heat spreader! As far as I am aware there are a couple of CPU delidding tools, the RockIt88, BreakFree Delid and Delid-Die-Mate both of which work on Haswell, Devil's Canyon, Skylake and other CPUs.

If you are a bit of a hardware addict, or simply want to check out the inner workings of the actual silicon chip that makes everything work in a computer grab yourself a non-soldered CPU processor , you can try out a tool like the ones mentioned to delid the CPU.

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