Lego Compatible Wireless Building Blocks With Built-in Sensors, BLE, LEDs and Motors!

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

How cool would it be if building bricks could be triggered wirelessly by sound, light and touch? Well, now there is a nifty solution called Brixo which are building blocks built-in with electronics that allow you to build stuff like regular building blocks and bring them to life with sensors, motors, connected apps and Bluetooth. You can use Brixo to upgrade designs made with regular building blocks
Best part about Brixo is that no programming or wires is required, they are coated with non-toxic chrome and you don't need to buy a whole new set of building blocks, because Brixo is compatible and can be used interchangeably with regular building blocks such as LEGO and Mega Bloks.
Brixo has four types of blocks: Bluetooth low energy battery blocks, connector blocks, action blocks (LED and motor) and trigger blocks (sensors) which conduct electricity to adjacent bricks (via elastic arms), allowing you to give your design light or movement. With the trigger blocks you can control your design with sound, proximity and light. Brixo also uses connected apps so you can control your design remotely by connecting it to your smartphone or Internet and automate your design.

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