Star Gazing Via Universe2Go Augmented Reality Headset!

Saturday, April 09, 2016

If you are a fan of home planetariums and augmented reality books, you will be interested in this augmented reality headset personal planetarium by Universe2GO
The augmented reality headset by Universe2GO works similarly to a virtually reality (VR) headset but instead of putting your smartphone in front as you would normally do with a VR headset, you put your smartphone in the top and you're ready to star gaze!
When you remove the front panel of the augmented reality headset you can actually see straight through. The smartphone actually reflects off the plastic panel inside the headset so whatever you are looking at in the night sky, the smartphone screen overlays information about planets, stars, etc.

The smartphone is held in place by a soft padding which has sections you can remove so your phone fits snugly inside the star viewer. The soft padding measures around 6 inches across and 3 inches wide.
The Universe3Go app is free to download, and has two modes: Starmap mode (free to use) and Planetarium mode, which is only available if you have purchased the augmented headset.
The app activation code is inside the box along with a carrying strap, storage pouch, the app and instruction manual with languages available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish. The Audio-Guide is in English, German and French.
To use the app with the headset, you have to first follow a series of calibrations (compass calibration) and choose your favorite eye (right or left).
You will also have to move your head around, tilting it left and right before the app will launch. As you gaze into the night sky, you can zoom in to objects and hear a detailed commentary narration. You can even descend into planet Mars and have a look around!
Menu system selection is done by tilting your head up, down or right to activate your selection (no need to take your phone out of the star viewer). Menu modes include beginner, discovery, mythology, deep-sky, 3D and astro-quiz.
The Verdict
The Universe2Go augmented reality headset is a nifty education tool that comes packed with 3 hours of audio narrations (hear a sample here) of constellations, descriptions and mythology, planets, satellites and stars. The images are specially edited and taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. If you are a fan of star gazing, or want to introduce your children to the night sky to learn about planets and stars, you will enjoy very much the Universe2Go augmented reality headset. The whole family can have fun gazing at the night sky and learn a few cool things in the process! Check out the Personal Planetarium Augmented Reality Headset by Universe2Go

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