BlueAnatomy Full Body Analyser Bluetooth Scale Measures Bone, BMI and Fat Mass!

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

If you're looking to upgrade your bathroom scale to a stylish and more accurate one, you may want to consider the full body analyser scale from BlueAnatomy!
BlueAnatomy's full body analyser scale is lightweight and thin (only half an inch) and has a beautiful mirror-like finish. The scale can measure weight, BMI (Body mass index) and bone mass, as well as tracks the percentage of water content, body fat and muscle mass in your body.
The full body analyser scale features a nice looking LCD screen (without any buttons or metal plates) and works right out of the box without any complicated set ups. You simply insert the batteries and step on the scale to calibrate it for first use. The LCD screen will display CAL for calibration and turn off on its own when calibration is complete.
After calibration is done, simply download BlueAnatomy's free app from Google Store or App Store and create an account to register. Once that's done, you create a user by entering height and gender (user creation is unlimited).
Next, you need to pair the scale with your smart device and you do this by stepping on the scale. The scale will turn on and display PAIr which means the scale is ready to be paired and you do this by going to your smart device Bluetooth settings and selecting "BlueAnatomy iBF5" from your connected Bluetooth devices to start pairing.
Once paired, the scale will display ready which means you can now step on the scale to take a reading.
While on the scale holding your smart device, select the icon "Measure" from the bottom of the app, then select "Start" and wait for the reading to show up on your smart device. Once the reading is taken, that's it!
The Verdict
BlueAnatomy's full body analyser Bluetooth scale accurate measures weight, muscle mass, bone mass and BMI. Once the scale has been paired once and as long as you have Bluetooth enabled on your smart device the scale will automatically pair with your smart device when your turn on the scale for future uses. You can view past and current readings by selecting the "Readings" icon from the bottom of the app. Past readings are stored on BlueAnatomy's free cloud server and you can set targets and track your progress.
Body weight can be read in kg (Kilograms), lb (Pounds) or st (stone) and you will be able to find out how heavy your bones are and how much of your body is water. You can create unlimited users so friends and family members will be able to use the scale. No WiFi required. Check out BlueAnatomy Full Body Analyser Bluetooth Scale

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