BreakFree Delid Tool Fits Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Devil’s Canyon and Skylake CPUs!

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Improving the contact between the integrated heat spreader (IHS) and the die of your CPU will get you a significant boost in performance.
With that said, I am reviewing today the BreakFree Delid Tool by EnterSetup, which safely and smoothly achieves the process of delidding a CPU without a razor blade or vice.
The BreakFree delid tool uses an even rotational force to separate the IHS from the PCB (Process control block)  ans can be used with Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Devil’s Canyon and Skylake CPUs. All you need to to work the delid tool is a 5mm Allen key.
Then, simply place the CPU into position on the BreakFree delid tool, lie up the two notches, tighten the four thumbscrews, and use an 5mm Allen key to tighten the bolt on the side until no resistance is felt.
To re-lid the CPU, you simply scrape off the adhesive residue from the IHS and the PCB (place the PCB on the alignment jig to make it easier). Apply TIM (thermal paste) on the die and use the alignment jig to align the IHS back on accurately. While pushing down the socket lever, press down on the integrated heat spreader (IHS) to prevent it from shifting.

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