Fastest Way to Build and Program An Arduino Robot Car Wirelessly!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

If you love working with your Arduino you will know how annoying it is having to unplug everything to connect Arduino to a computer just to upload a sketch!
Would it not be cool to be able to program your Arduino wirelessly with a simple shield? Well, you can now! There is an Arduino wireless programming/motor driver shield, called Jetpack Shield, that allows you to program and receive sensor data from your Arduino project wirelessly, as well as build cool robot cars.
Jetpack is essentially a Bluetooth shield with a motor driver IC, which means you can drive 2 DC motors or a stepper motor simultaneously on either direction. If you are building an Arduino Robots/Car project, you simply add your motors and wheels and your Arduino robot is ready to go.
Not only this programming shield/ motor shield solution fits onto an Arduino microcontroller so you can easily reprogram your Arduino without having to unplug all your sensors, but all Arduino pins to the shield have been extended. This means you can even stack another shield on top of this solution and gain access to all Arduino pins.
Jetpack runs from a single power source along with the onboard motor driver and with Bluetooth you can remote control your robot car or any other Arduino project via your smartphone!

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