GameSir G3s PS4-Like Game Controller With 100's Of Free Emulator Games & Compatible With Apple TV 4th Gen!

Monday, May 16, 2016

If you are looking for a Bluetooth game controller with PS4-like triggers and bumpers, check out the Gamesir G3s! (update: Gamesir G4s review)
The Gamesir G3s is a 32 Bit microchip game controller with rapid response time. It has three types of connections: 2.4GHz wireless connection, Bluetooth 4.0, and wired connection.
Gamesir G3s is compatible with Apple devices, Android devices, PC, Amazon TV, Apple TV 4th GEN, MAC, iPad, iPod, PlayStation 3 and even Android TV boxes. If you own an iOS device or AppleTV, it's worth checking out the Gamesir M2 controller which is a dedicated iOS controller made for apple.
I tested the GameSir G3s with the UGOOS UT4, Droidbox t8-Plus and Probox2 Z media player TV boxes and works fine.
There is a built-in lithium battery which takes only 2 hours to charge and gives you around 17 hours of battery life.
The game controller mount holds a smartphone securely in place thanks to a spring loaded bracket.
The controller mount fits phones around 3 inches wide and the tilt can also be adjusted via two tightening screws.
The bottom side of the GameSir controller features light indicators that tell you whether you are hooked to Android, Apple, mouse (which can be PC or Android TV box) or wired connection.
The controller itself has two analog joysticks, responsive D-pad, Select button, Turbo button, REset button (located on the backside), Clear button, Start button, micro USB port, Left and Right Bumpers, Left and Right Triggers and four gamepad buttons (X,Y, A, B). The power buttons lights up the gamepad buttons

The game controller also comes with a companion app called Happy Chick, which you get by scanning the QR code that comes in your manual. 
From the Happy Chick app, you can select different platforms such PSP, N64, Arcade and iOS, as well as game categories with literary thousands of free emulator games to choose from such as The King Of Fighters, all free of charge.

The Verdict
The GameSir G3s is a reliable game controller with a quality build and PS4-like triggers and bumpers. You can use it with your Android TV box as a mouse controller and there is also an automatic shut-off feature that turns off the controller when not in use. Inside the box you get a standard micro USB cable, micro USB to micro USB, wireless dongle (to use with PC, Android TV box, etc) and game controller mount. You don't have to jailbreak your phone in order to use the Happy Chick app.

Lastly, the Gamesir G3s comes with a warranty card for 1 year warranty maintenance and 1 month warranty replacement with allowance for normal wear and tear. Check out the Gamesir G3s Bluetooth Gamepad Controller

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