Plugfones Noise Blocking Earplugs With Earphones Built-in!

Friday, May 27, 2016

When it comes to shutting out unwanted noise, you either use earplugs or turn the volume up to the point you can't hear anything!
Earplugs are really heaven-sent for muffling any type of noise, but how awesome would it be to be able to listen to whatever you want while keeping outside noise out?
This is exactly what you get with Plugfones, noise blocking earplugs with headphones built-in with a noise reduction rating of 25dB. You get best of both worlds with this earplug/earphone solution; functional hearing protection of traditional earplugs and fully functional earphones that keep noise out and music in.
The earplugs themselves are made of soft silicone that fit in your ear nicely and snugly and are attached to a 1.2 meters flexible cable with a 3.5mm audio plug jack at its end. The audio drivers are embedded within the earplugs and you also get a interchangeable foam earplugs.
If you love your earplugs when traveling on your motorbike or cycling to work, you will love Plugfones for isolating road noise and cutting down wind noise, and listening to music at the same time.
The verdict
If you do like using your power tools at home, or if you are someone who works in loud environments like construction work where you are required to use earplugs as a part of personal protective equipment, Plugfones is the prefect solution. You get earplugs and earphones all-in-one so you can listen to music and reduce background noise simultaneously.

To give you an example of how the 25 dB (decibels) rating works; basically, these earplugs will be able to reduce 100 dB noise down to 91 dB which is about the same noise level an electric shaver produces. You can get Plugphones in different colors such as yellow (Plugfones Contractor) and Black (Plugfones Executive). There is also a Plugfones version, called Guardian Plus, with inline remote and mic.

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