Great Way to Learn Electronics Using an Arduino UNO!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

If you are new to the world of open hardware and programming, you may want to look at the following solution, called BreadBro, which is a smart breadboard solution for learning the fundamentals of electronic system designs (i.e. printed circuit boards and breadboard prototyping).
BreadBro combines an Arduino UNO and a solderless breadboard, which is based on a standard solderless breadboard designed to fit between two rows of pin headers in an Arduino UNO R3 layout.  It's 100% compatible with the Arduino software and it's powered by an ATMEGA328 microcontroller. Underneath the board you find voltage regulators, USB ports and an onboard battery for taking your mobile Arduio project.

Since BreadBro matches the Arduino header pin layout, it is compatible with all existing Arduino shields and breakout boards. You can also turn the board on and off via a power switch, allowing you to make hardware changes safely.
Another nifty feature of BreadBro is the four user-controlled LEDs (tied to Pin10, Pin11, Pin12 and Pin13), which allows for simple projects like “Simon Says” and debugging as well as advanced projects such as teaching 4-bit binary math.
BreadBro also comes with electronic components such as jumper wires, LEDs, and full-color breadboard schematic diagrams to help newbies and beginners understand the basics of breadboard connections.

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