Rycote Micro Windjammers Reduces Internal Microphone Wind Noise!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Yesterday, I reviewed Rycote's USM shock mount and today I am back again reviewing another Rycote product which is a convenient wind protection solution for your camera, handheld camcorders or mobile phones to get cleaner, usable audio when you are outside. It's called the Micro Windjammer!
The Micro Windjammer is essentially a fur patch that covers the internal microphone of a camera or any device that has a built-in microphone.
In the packet, you get 6 reusable fur covers and 30 hypoallergenic adhesive pads, which are both easy to fit.
The Micro Windjammer sticky pads have a hole cut out in the middle that is designed to go over the internal microphone of your device so you can place the fur cover on top. The SONY A5000 camera has two built-in microphones for left and right audio so attached are two Micro Windjammers.
After sticking the pad on your camera or smartphone, you can then stick the fur cover on top. The fur covers are soft to the touch and really do a good job of reducing the wind noise for improved quality audio recording.
The sticky pads are designed to stick but no leave any sticky residue on your device. You can peel off and stick again the fur covers multiple times.
If you use audio software like PluralEyes to automatically sync audio to video in post-production, the Micro Windjammer will come handy as it helps to eliminate wind noise that you would otherwise have to manually remove with additional editing software. Check out the Micro Windjammers 

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