SoundPEATS Q20 Bluetooth Earphones With Magnetic Power Switch!

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Up for review today is the SoundPEATS Q20, which are a nifty pair of sweat proof wireless earphones with magnetic power switch that connect via Bluetooth 4.1.
The SoundPEATS Q20 earphones feature a magnetic power switch on the earpieces, instead of a power button to turn them on and off.
When separating the magnetic earpieces, the earphones turn on and when you reconnect the magnetic earpieces, the earphones turn off. That simple!
Once paired, the SoundPEATS Q20 will automatically connect the minute you pull the earpiece magnets apart. You will hear voice prompts informing you when the earphones are turned on and when they are turned off.
The magnetic feature of these earphones means that when you are not using the earphones you can wear them around your neck securely.
micro USB port
The Q20's also feature an inline remote control with built-in microphone that has volume up and down buttons. The micro USB port is located on the right earpiece and features a rubber protector to protect the micro USB port from water and sweat.
inline remote control with mic
The Q20 earphones stay in place thanks to soft rubber ear hooks and ear tips. You get two sets of ear hooks and different size ear tips (closed and semi-closed) to suit all ear canal sizes. 
The sound frequency produced by the Q20's is nicely balanced across the full sound spectrum so you get clearly distinctive trebles and mids as well as deep bass.
12-Month Warranty included
Full charging time is around 2 hours and you get around 6 hours of music playtime on a single charge, which is great battery life for gym workouts. Check out the SoundPEATS Q20 Bluetooth earphones
inner pocket mesh

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