ARCHOS F24 Mobile Phone Power Bank Has Epic Battery Life!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The ARCHOS F24 mobile phone brings me back happy memories of the good old ringtone mobile phone with T9 keypad which only sent text messages and made calls!
inside the box
The ARCHOS F24 mobile phone though offers more than basics as you get other features such as dual SIM, LED torch, Bluetooth and a huge 2.4-inch LCD color screen
robust heavy duty build
You also get mp3, micro SD card slot, video camera (2MP lens), up to 64 GB of internal memory storage, 3.5mm jack slot and micro USB charging port.
The battery life on the ARCHOS F24 is absolutely epic (more than 40 hours talk time) thanks to the 4000MhA power bank battery.
twin LEDs
If you are someone looking for an old school mobile phone with a simple and intuitive interface and a touch of modern, the ARCHOS F24 is the mobile phone for you!
You can use the ARCHOS F24 as a festival phone or take it with you camping or on holiday thanks to almost 60-day standby time!
Aside from a holiday phone, the ARCHOS F24 comes also handy as a spares or back up phone to keep in the glove compartment of your car in case of an emergency.
classic T9 keypad
The power bank/mobile phone functionality aspect of the ARCHOS F24 is really awesome as you can use the F24 mobile phone as a 4000 mAh power bank charger to recharge USB devices.
The ARCHOS F24 is essentially a power bank with a phone and built-in torch with a battery that can last you a week even under heavy usage. The F24 mobile phone is a great backup phone to take with you when travelling!
LEDs great for Glastonbury!

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