Evoplus HD Dual Lens Rearview Mirror Car Dash Cam With Parking & Collision Assistance!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Evoplus dual lens rearview mirror car camera clips onto the existing rearview mirror and it's powered by the 12 volt car cigarette lighter of your car.
Unlike other car DVR car cameras which have both front and rear cameras located on the unit itself, the rear view camera on the Evoplus car camera is actually fitted to the rear window of the car to enable the rear parking assistance and monitoring feature.
front camera mounted on the rear view mirror unit
The front camera itself has a collision avoidance feature that warns you when you are too close to the car in front.
30 Days Money Back and 18 months warranty included
Two other great features worth mentioning about the Evoplus rearview mirror car camera are the motion detection feature that can be turned on during recording mode. When this feature is turned on, the system will only record when movement is detected. The other feature is the The other smart feature is the G-Sensor, which automatically turns on recording mode when bumping into someone.
rear camera cable 5.5 meters long
720 rearview camera
The front camera records in full HD (1920x1080) at 1080p/30FPS , while the rear view camera records in 720p (1280x720 ). Both the front and rear cameras have night recording available and the video recording format is mp4/H.264/JPEG.
rubber attachments, micro SD card and micro SD card reader
USB car charger with right angle adapter 
The Evoplus rearview mirror camera system is around 12 inches long and 3 inches wide and features the front camera with a 140 degree lens view angle, as well as a microphone, a built-in 1200mAH internal Li-ion battery, a micro SD card port, a micro USB port, an AV input to receive audio/visual signals from the rearview camera.
back or rearview mirror camera system
top view with micro SD card to the left
The controls on the rearview mirror camera system include the Power button, Page Up/ Down buttons, OK button and Menu/ Mode button.
you can set the date and time
As mentioned earlier, the Evoplus rearview car camera has a few smart features that can be turned on during recording mode.
around 1 inch thick
 One of these features is the ability to save or lock a particular recording footage on the go to prevent the camera system from overwriting the recording.
Footage that is unsaved/unlocked is automatically overwriting by the system saving you the bother to manually overwrite the system.

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