Foobot Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitors Carbon Monoxide, PM2.5 And CO2!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

If you are someone who likes to maintain a comfortable and healthy home environment because of health ailments such as asthma, you may be interested in a smart indoor air quality monitor device such as Foobot.
Foobot is a smart indoor air quality monitor, around 7 inches tall that collects air quality data of your home and gives you suggestions on how to improve a healthy home environment.
Foobot is very simple to use and features lights on the front of it that tell you visually when the air quality is good or bad.

Foobot comes with an app to check the air quality via your smartphone

When air quality is good the light display on the Foobot will show blue. When the air quality is not good, the light display will show amber orange. Simple as that!
That being said, Foobot is not a run-of-the-mill air quality device as it's able to monitor atmospheric particulate matter, as well as temperature and humidity. Foobot will give you tips on how to improve the air quality when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and fine particle matter are detected.

The fine particle monitoring is specially useful as it means the Foobot is able to monitor particles less than 2.5 ยตm (micrometres) that are found in the air such as dust, dirt, soot, smoke, and liquid droplets.

Once you sync the Foobot smart indoor air quality monitor to the Foobot app (available on Android and iPhone), you will be able monitor the air quality condition of your home over hours, days, weeks and months, as well as get updates across the internet via the app wherever you are.
Foobot features multiroom support so you can sync up several Foobots to your smartphone to monitor each room of your house.
Footbot also supports IFTTT, enabling you to take your air quality monitoring to another level by being able to turn on devices in your house such as the air conditioning unit by the nest smart home system.
The USB input power is 100 - 240 volts
Foobot comes with a USB to wall adapte, quick start guide and owner's manual

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