GrovePi+ Starter Kit For Raspberry Pi by Dexter Industries and Seeed Studio

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The Raspberry Pi is a great platform for building Internet of Things projects, and with the addition of an electronics board you can easily connect, monitor, control and automate multiple sensors from the Raspberry Pi.
I like getting up and running so the GrovePi+ starter kit is a great choice as it requires no soldering and comes with a nice selection of plug and play sensors and a handy printed guidebook for how to get started connecting the GrovePi+ to the Raspberry Pi.
The GrovePi+ guidebook explains in detail the purpose of each sensor and also includes running examples of GrovePi+ (with source code) that show how to start a project with the GrovePi+.
GrovePi+ by Dexter Industries and Seeed Studio
The GrovePi+ board itself features a voltage protection, as well as 15 slots for 15 sensors, including a opening slot for inserting a ribbon cable to attach a Raspberry Pi camera to your projects.
The actual GrovePi+ starter kit comes with 12 sensors with their respective connecting cables. They are as follows:
temperature/ humidity sensor
sound sensor
ultrasonic sensor (this sensor I used with the GoPiGo robot car)
LED's (blue, green and red)
rotary sensor
push button
buzzer sensor
light sensor
relay sensor (to turn electrical equipment on and off), RGB backlit LCD display.
LCD RGB backlight
Stay tuned for part series of the GrovePi+ where I will be covering cool projects that you can build with the GrovePi+ board such as fading two LEDs at the same time.

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