SoundPeats Q22 Angled In Earphones Supports Two Connected Devices Simultaneously!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The SoundPeats Q22 angled in earphones feature Bluetooth 4.1, intelligent noise reduction (CVC 6.0), lossless sound quality (APT-X), and the CSR8645 chip which allows the SoundPeats Q22 to be able to connect to two devices at the same time.
the Q22 automatically connects after paired successfully for the first time
The back of the SoundPeats Q22 are magnetized with strong magnets, allowing you to wear them around your neck like a necklace! The Q22 don't come with magnetic power switch functionality like with the SoundPeats Q20 version, which turn on automatically when the magnets are separated.
compatible with iPhone and Android phones

micro USB port concealed by the silicone earhook

The Q22 earphones nozzles are angled 45 degrees so the tips fit comfortably inside the ear canal and most importantly, the earphones don't fall out.
With the SoundPeats Q22 you also get three different size pairs of ear hooks as well as three different size pairs of closed ear tips.
12-month Warranty included

Inside the box you also get a couple of line buckles, one line clamp, a user manual and a padded carry case.
volume, track, play/pause controls

built-in microphone 

The SoundPeats Q22 in earphones are also perfect for the gym or running as they weigh only 0.81 ounces and are sweat resistant with IPX Level 4 rating.
You get around 6 hours battery life with 180 hours standby time on a single 2 hour charge time. A micro USB cable is also included. The overall sound quality delivered by the Q22 in earphones is clean with crisp highs and mids and decent bass. The volume on the Q22 headphones can be turned up very loud and the volume is nicely adjusted in steady gains to find tune the perfect volume sweat spot.

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  1. I like the photos you've used here, the lighting you get from being outside really does help bring out the detail in these headphones. Nice work!


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