IFootage Electric Ray E1 Powers Sony Alpha Camera Via USB Power Bank!

Friday, October 07, 2016

If you are looking for a nifty way to power your Sony Alpha series camera for longer, check out the Electric Ray E1 from IFootage!

power converter weights only 46 grams 
The IFootage Electric Ray E1 consists of a relay camera coupler and power converter that allows you to externally power your Sony Alpha series camera via a USB power bank or portable charger.
Electric Ray E1 uses Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology
I'll be testing the IFootage Electric Ray E1 with the Sony A5000 camera, which uses a 7.2 V lithium 1080 mAh battery (NP-FW50). 

power converter outer casing is made of aircraft grade aluminium alloy
Using the IFootage Electric Ray E1 means I can increase the battery life of the Sony A5000 camera 5 times or even longer depending on the power bank size used.
power converter outputs 8.4 volt from 5 volt power bank input
relay camera coupler
1/4" Tripod screw to Flash Shoe Mount Adapter
I will be using the Xtorm 4000mAh power bank to power the Sony A5000 camera externally, which will attached to the IFootage Electric Ray E1 power converter via the included rubber strap.
coupler inserted in the battery port
The battery cap on the Sony Alpha cameras feature a small flap to enable you to close the battery compartment cap without restrictions. 

Probably the best thing about using a solution such as the IFootage Electric Ray E1 is that the coupler that is inserted in the battery compartment of the camera doesn't actually contain the battery. Power is generated and transmitted from the power converter to the camera via the coupler.
relay camera coupler next to Sony A5000 battery
Also, the IFootage Electric Ray E1 power converter can operate under extreme temperatures of minus 50 degree centigrade. The IC chip inside the power converter is manufactured by +Texas Instruments 

FB-FW50 Coupler

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