Yantouch EyE Balls Add On For Yantouch EyE Speaker!

Monday, October 03, 2016

Yantouch EyE Balls is an add-on for the Yantouch EyE Speaker that allows you to physically see the bass of a song and how much bass the song has.
The Yantouch EyE Balls consists of a plastic chamber with micro balls inside it that attaches to the Swiss Horn bass resonant tube of the Yantouch EyE Speaker via a rubber neck extension.
Aside from allowing you to see the bass of a track, the Yantouch EyE Balls also further enhances the timbre of the bass.

The micro balls are around 2 mm big and can be replaced with even bigger balls and different color balls.

Yantouch EyE Diamond Speaker on top of two Yantouch EyE Speakers

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