AudioMX HS-5S Audio Production Headphones!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

If you are a beginner DJ or music producer, you will know how difficult beatmatching can be when only using one mono speaker; hence having a pair of studio monitor headphones really help as not only it'll be easier to track the tempo of two tracks but you also gain the stereo field of sound effects.
A pair of audio production headphones such as the AudioMX HS-5S studio monitoring headphones will have you sorted for mixing and recording tracks thanks to the heaphones' 42 mm drivers with open back which deliver clear highs (up to 15 Hz), energetic mids and powerful low bass (up to 30 kHz).
comfortable and adjustable headband
The soft padded over the ear cups on the AudioMX HS-5S audio production headphones are very comfortable and can be rotated for mono monitoring for general DJing.
sleek branding on top of the headband
extra pair of earcups included
protective plug spring
Aside from the great build quality, the AudioMX HS-5S audio production headphones have a feature not many headphones feature and that is a protective spring at the plug end of the cable jack to prevent the end from twisting and breaking.
3-meter long 3.5 mm audio cable
AudioMX HS-5S technical specifications
soft padded headband
adjustable headband
If you use headphones a lot, you will know how annoying it is having to buy a new pair of headphones when the jack-end of the cable breaks.
6.3 mm audio connector included

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