AudioMX HS-G5 Moving Coil Headphones With Low Clamping Force!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

If, like me, you like on-ear headphones for listening to music, you will know how important a pair of comfortable on-ear headphones really are!
The AudioMX HS-G5 are a great pair of on ear headphones to have for listening to music for long periods of time thanks to the low clamping force of the headband and lightweight ear cups.
Because of the lightness of the AudioMX HS-G5 headphones and low clamping force, the headphones subtly sit on the ears rather than press against the ears. This means you can comfortably wear the AudioMX HS-G5 headphones on your head for hours on end, even if you wear a thick pair of glasses.
inline-remote on removable cable
The AudioMX HS-G5 headphones are also not your run of the mill headphones as they have a unique look to them fearing hexagonal-shaped ear cups and a sleek geometrical accent on the headband. 
The 40 mm drivers punch above their weight with regard to sound quality, particularly the horn-loaded bass which the 40 mm drivers can drive really low thanks to the moving coil driver design which gives the AudioMX HS-G5 headphones a dynamic sound.
That's really the beauty of moving coil headphones, and why I like these type of headphones, because you essentially get a personal miniature moving-coil loudspeaker on each ear.
Included in the box is also a detachable 3.5 mm flat audio cable and a cleaning cloth, which is a nice touch. 
The folding feature of the AudioMX HS-G5 headphones is also very convenient as it means you can compact the headphones into a smaller footprint. 
The folding joints themselves are made of stainless steel with a matt black finish throughout the headphones.
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