DLINK DCS-8200LH 180 Degree Wireless Home Security Camera!

Thursday, November 03, 2016

If you are looking for a home surveillance solution that you can use to check in your home from your phone or tablet, an 180 degree wireless home security camera is the way to go!
With an 180 degree wireless home security camera such as the DLINK DCS-8200LH, you get a panoramic High Definition camera with a super wide angle of view that lets you capture an even broader scope of your home.
The ultra wide viewing angle of the DLINK DCS-8200LH wireless home security camera, it means no need to pan and tilt the camera for viewing.
Built-in Infrared-Cut Removable (ICR) Filter for night vision
The DCS-8200LH camera is attached to a ball joint that allows you to rotate the camera left to right, forwards and backwards. Built-in is also an infrared-cut removable (ICR) Filter module that illuminates to a distance of 5 metres, allowing to see in the dark.
720p and 360p resolutions and 8X digital zoom

ball joint
micro USB port, LED, refresh button, reset button and ball joint thread
Nifty features that you get with the DLINK DCS-8200LH 180 degree wireless home security camera include a micro SD card slot for video recording, as well as the ability to pair the camera via IFTTT and other smart home products such as a smartplug, a WiFi motion sensor or WiFi water sensor.

Built-in Microphone

micro SD card slot

5 V DC adaptor, 2.0 A, 50/60 Hz 

inside the box
base of the camera mount
As mentioned earlier, the camera can be connected to motion sensors to create  IFTTT smart home recipes, which is neat as it means you can have the camera start recording automatically if motion sensors trigger it.

As far as viewing the D-LINK DCS-8200LH camera via your smartphone or tablet, you do it via the "mydlink home app", which is available for Android and iPhone. Once you download the app and install the app on your phone, it's a matter of signing up and connecting the camera to your home's network.
Once you click "add a new device", simply follow the prompts. Scan the QR code of the camera (located on the back of the camera), power on the camera and proceed with the hardware set up of the camera.
Wait for the LED on the back of the camera to start blinking orange and insert a micro SD card while you are waiting for the LED to turn solid green.
Once the LED turns solid green, press the button beneath the LED and the WPS button on your router.

Once the camera is connected, you're ready to start viewing the camera from your smartphone or tablet.
From the mydlink app, you can mute the volume, take screenshots, change the resolution of the camera, view images/play videos and adjust the brightness and contrast.
time stamp shows year, month, day and time
From the settings of the app, you can adjust the noise level of the sound sensor, as well as adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection.
get alerted with sound and motion detection
You can also access the camera via DLink's website portal. Visit and sign in using the same log in details form the app.

DCS-8200LH’s other features include D-Link’s De-Warping technology and simultaneous H.264/MPEG compression.

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