The GrovePi-Zero Makes Raspberry Pi Hardware Truly Plug and Play!

Friday, November 11, 2016

If you're looking to get into the world of Raspberry Pi and IoT (Internet Of Things) and want a fast and easy way to prototype and build your very own Internet Of Things device without having to do any soldering and tinkering with wires, check out the GrovePi Zero!
The GrovePi Zero board has 6 ports in total. Three of those six ports are analog ports, while the other three ports include a serial port and two digital ports.
the board features a power LED and Firmware LED
The GrovePi-Zero simplifies the process of Internet Of Things projects by no requiring jumpers and breadboards to bring your Internet Of Things ideas to life.
support holes for fitting a case
WiFi donge for remote use
You simply snap your sensors into the GrovePi-Zero board, power on your Raspberry Pi board and you're good to go. Assembly literary takes seconds and you get hundreds of electronic modules to choose from.
comes with a 40-pin header for easy attachment
Since I already have the GrovePi+ starter kit, I will be using the sensors that come in the kit for future projects.
The GrovePi Zero board is also supported by clearly documented collection of programming examples (Python, C, Java and Scratch) and libraries to help your sensors interact with the physical world.
From top to bottom: GrovePi+ and GrovePi Zero
The GrovePi-Zero is designed with the Raspberry Pi Zero in mind, though the GrovePi Zero also fits and works with other Raspberry Pi boards such as the Raspberry Pi B+, the Raspberry Pi 2, and the Raspberry Pi 3.
back of GrovePi Zero board

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