Zoweetek ZW-07 Multi Device UK Layout Bluetooth Keyboard With Touchpad!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

If you are looking for a multi device UK layout Bluetooth keyboard that is reliable and has a nice tactile feel to it, check out the Zoweetek ZW-07 wireless keyboard.
micro USB port for charging
The Zoweetek multi device Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad features a UK £ sign on Key 3 and it's big enough to be used as a replacement for a wired desktop keyboard.
Nexus tablet mounted on the keyboard
When mounting a tablet on the ridge, the Bluetooth keyboard becomes your very own portable typewriter keyboard.
20 feet Bluetooth range
With the Zoweetek multi device UK layout Bluetooth keyboard, you get both a delete key and a backspace key.
rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard
Another handy feature that comes with the Zoweetek Bluetooth keyboard is the sliding on/off switch that allows you to manually power off the keyboard.
tactile and responsive touchpad
Being a multi device Bluetooth keyboard, with the Zoweetek ZW-07 you can control two devices and alternate between them at a flick of a switch.

When it comes to operating the keyboard, there are just a few steps needed to connect the keyboard with your device. First, you press and hold the power button until the Bluetooth blue LED light starts flashing. Then, add the keyboard from your device and follow the prompts.
Type in the code using the Bluetooth keyboard and press Enter key.
The rubber key caps on the Zoweetek multi device Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad are the same size keys as you find on a regular desktop keyboard. The keyboard itself is the same size as a small laptop/notebook computer. In fact, you can use this keyboard with a Macbook.
If you are planning to use the Zoweetek multi device Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad with your desktop PC, all you will need for it to work is a Bluetooth dongle.

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