Aukey LT-ST16 LED DESK Lamp With White Balance Control & USB Port

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Whether Edison screw or LED, it's always nice having some type of light source by your computer desk, bedside table or study area.
If you're looking to improve your current desktop lighting set up, an LED desk lamp such as Aukey's  LT-ST16 LED desk lamp is a good choice because the desk lamp is dimmable and also features a USB charging port with white balance control.
You can control and adjust the warmth of the LEDs from bright white to dim white, and bright yellow to dim yellow via sensitive-touch control buttons.
Aukey's  LT-ST16 LED desk lamp has a nice diffused light beam that spreads nicely across the surface of a desk, bedside table or sitting room wall.
LED lamp charging tablet
USB port with rubber feet on the base
As mentioned earlier, Aukey's LT-ST16 LED desk lamp features a charging USB port in the base of a lamp with an output of 5V 1A which ideal for charging a smartphone or tablet.
The LED panel contains 60 LEDs and measures 6-inches long and 4-inches wide. The LED panel itself can be tilted up and down 180 degrees, and it can also be rotated thanks the adjustable arm.
the LED lamp uses only 10 watts
the LED lamp is powered by an AC wall adapter
the base arm of the LED lamp can be rotated
adjustable joint
inside the box

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