AUKEY PA-V12 DC 12V to AC 230V Power Inverter

Saturday, December 03, 2016

When you plan on driving on the road caravanning and electricity maybe in short supply, having a simple DC 12V to AC 230V power inverter for the car or motor caravan is a convenient way to get mains type power.
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Aukey's DC 12V to AC 230V power inverter is a modified sine wave power inverter that produces up to 300W of constant load at 50-60Hz.
In case you are wondering, a power inverter basically converts battery electricity into mains electricity, which is the type of power that we get at home. Therefore, Aukey's 300W power inverter converts 12 volts DC from a DC 12V/10A-20A source such as the cigarette socket of a car into 230V /50Hz AC.
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A modified sine wave power inverter such as Aukey's 300W power inverter is designed to be used with low-power rated consumer electronics that plug into a 13 amp socket outlet of a home and don't draw a lot of current. These include laptops, FM radios, power drills, hair clippers, inflatable airbeds and electric shavers.
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Aukey's DC 12V to AC 230V power inverter also comes with car battery alligator clips and cigarette lighter adapter to either connect the unit into the cigarette lighter of a car or connect it directly onto a car battery. The latter is quite handy for keeping the internet (modem/router) running when the electricity goes off.
You can run low-power rated appliances from a car but make sure the engine is running so the power inverter has a steady supply of power to convert; otherwise you run the risk of underpowering the appliance.
While on the subject of car batteries. Be aware of a car battery's Reserve Capacity (RC) rating so you know how long the battery can supply 25A at 12V. A typical car battery can supply 300W (25A/12V) for 70 minutes before the battery voltage runs flat so keep this in mind if you plan to run a 300W appliance continuously with the car engine off.
measures 6.14'' x 3.07'' x 1.83''  and weighs 570 g (20.2 oz)
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Aside from powering your home electronics, Aukey's DC 12V to AC 230V power inverter doubles up as a 4.8A 10V USB power supply to charge smartphones and tablets. The inverter has two USB ports rated at 2,4A 5V each which you are able to use simultaneously
User controls include a power on/off switch with color coded positive/negative terminals. There is also a cooling fan to keep the unit cool during operation. The fan barely makes a noticeable noise.

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