FlexiSpot M2 35" Adjustable Sit-stand Desk Riser Workstation

Saturday, February 11, 2017

If you are someone who sits all day at a desk working from home and fancy the idea of converting your sitting-desk position to stand up without actually replacing your own desk, check out this desk riser solution by Flexispot!
The Flexispot M2 is a sit-stand desk riser that sits on top of your current desk and can be lifted to a maximum height of 50 cm.
The height position of the Flexispot M2 is locked in place by gently pushing the desk riser downwards. Lifting up and down the desk riser is a smooth operation.
Flexispot M2 weighs 23 Kg
The FlexiSpot M2's height is manually adjusted via an easy to use lifting mechanism that consists of two gas spring struts and two hand levers on either side of the desk riser that you squeeze simultaneously to lift the Flexispot desk riser.
the gas springs can support up to 35 Ibs (16 kg) of load

33 cm long insert for tablets/smartphones

When folded flat, the Flexispot M2 sit-stand desk measures 16 cm tall. The Flexispot M2 desk riser can be raised to a minimum height of 27.5 cm. From then on, you can lift the Flexispot M2 desk riser in increments of 4 cm (a total of 12 adjustment settings), all the way to the full height of 50 cm.
The total working area of the Flexispot M2 top surface is 890 mm (35-inches) long and 590 mm (23.2-inches) wide.
The length of each leg support of the Flexispot M2 desk riser is 566 mm (22.3 inches), while the length between each leg support is 790 mm (37 inches).
The Flexispot M2 adjustable sit-stand desk comes also with a fixed-in keyboard tray that can support around 4.4 lbs and sits suspended below the top surface of the desk riser.
The keyboard tray is held in place via two connecting plates, four thumb screw knobs and eight small screws. When folded flat, the keyboard tray sits around a centimeter above your own desk.
Flexispot decorative joint covers
management cable ties and hardware

height adjustment rail

rubber feet (one on each corner)

keyboard tray locking knob

hole insert for fixing a monitor arm

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