GameSir T1s Android Windows Game Controller With Clickable Analog Sticks!

Friday, March 24, 2017

For times when touch screen gaming starts to feel clunky and awkward, that's when an all in one game controller comes in handy!
If you are looking for a dual shock controller that you can use to connect to a PS3, PC and Android phone, check out the GameSir T1s all in one game controller!
The GameSir T1s can connect both wired and wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 thanks to a removable 2.4Ghz dongle.
If you own a PS4 dualshock controller, you'll find that the GameSir T1s is very familiar as it has the same button layout and PS4 d-pad layout. The T1s has also a similar design to its predecessor, the GameSir G3s, but with an integrated bracket to hold the phone in place.
As far as the microchip, the GameSir T1s Android Windows game controller features the same 32-bit MCU chip found in the GameSir G3s and GameSir G4s. The built-in 600mAh polymer lithium rechargeable battery lasts up to 18 hrs on moderate gaming sessions.
compatible with Android 4.0/Windows XP and later versions
automatic sleep mode
Bluetooth dongle
The GameSir T1s also has the USB/Bluetooth dongle feature that allows you to hook up the T1s to a PlayStation3 console and Android phone device. Gamesir has also released an iOS game controller that is Made For iPhone.
From left to right: Android mode, Apple mode, Mouse mode and Xinput mode
The GameSir T1s features mouse simulation to allow you to control your PC with the GameSir T1s gamepad.  XInput allows your Windows PC to receive input from the the T1s gamepad when plugged into a Windows PC. In Apple mode, you can play the old generation of Apple IIGS games.
GameSir T1s supports native Android games as well as retro games via the accompanying app, called Happy Chick, which allows you to download lots of retro games for free. 
Simply scan the QR code found on the user manual. GameSir also has another free app, called GameSir World that also allows you to download tons of modern games.
As mentioned earlier, the GameSir T1s has a built-in phone bracket which fits phone devices up to 3.5 inches wide. The phone bracket can be adjusted from a 90 degree angle to a 180 degree viewing angle.
To connect to an Android device, press both the A and Home buttons. To connect to a Windows PC, press both the X and Home buttons. To connect to a PS3 games console, press both the Turbo and Home buttons.
As far as functionality. the GameSir T1s has very sensitive thumbsticks, responsive buttons and a D-pad (directional pad) that provides decent feedback as you slide your thumb across the directional pad.
The two button triggers and two analog triggers on the back of the controller are clickable and offer good resistance.

As far as Bluetooth game controller to phone lag (latency), button presses register on screen fairly good, considering the wireless connection between the game controller and the phone.
When connected directly via USB cable, the GameSir T1s has an even better response with very little on screen lag.
smooth dual vibration feedback motors

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