Nulaxy Rubberized Folding Tablet Phone Stand With Adjustable Viewing Angle!

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

A nifty way to stand your tablet or smartphone up next to you while sitting at your desk is with a folding stand such as the Nulaxy foldable stand!
Archos 50e phone sitting on Nulaxy stand
Nulaxy's folding stand is rubberized and it's able to stand strong so you can use your smartphone/ or tablet while in the stand.
Nexus tablet sitting on Nulaxy stand
Nulaxy folding stand is made of aluminum so it has a clean solid look and lightweight feel to it. With that said, even though it is lightweight the stand still has a nice weight to it that reassures you of its premium build quality.
Thanks to two strongly constructed hinges, the Nulaxy phone tablet stand can be freely extended and rotated up to 270 degrees for a variety of viewing angles, plus you can fully fold it down flat when not in use.
You can lay your smartphone or tablet vertically or horizontally on the Nulaxy tablet/phone stand without worrying about your device falling off thanks to the anti-slip silicone pad which covers the base and wall of the stand where the device sits.

The silicone rubber pad is a nice touch to the Nulaxy stand as it prevents any possible scratching of your device plus is further secures your device in the stand..
silicone rubber feet
Rubber feet on bottom are also a plus as they keep the stand upright in place without sliding around on your desk while using your smartphone/tablet on the stand.
There is also cable management space found in the middle of the Nulaxy stand, which leads out to the back of the stand, allowing you to charge your smartphone/tablet while sitting in the stand vertically.
The foldable tablet phone stand by Nulaxy with its fully foldable design definitely saves desktop space and thanks to its compact design you can easily carry it around.

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