Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container For Gaining Self-Discipline!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

When self control is out of control, a time safe container such as the Kitchen Safe time locking container is what you need to better manage yourself and/or limit your binging habits!
LCD display and dial knob
The idea behind the Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container is actually a nifty one as it allows you to impose on yourself self control by keeping stuff locked up in the container so you can't get to it.
If you are someone trying to lose weight or someone who wants to keep children's treats locked up, the Ksafe time safe container is a very useful dieting tool.
The Ksafe time container is an effective and easy method of rationing anything you indulge on. The Ksafe container is straightforward to use. Put anything inside the container, set the timer and wait for the motor to automatically drive the two built-in locking latches to lock the container.
Until the timer reaches zero, there's no way to get the stuff out of the container. There is no built-in feature to override the locking mechanism, which makes sense because if there was, it would defeat the purpose of the Kitchen Safe time locking container.
both the lid and container are made of BPA-free food grade plastics
two AA batteries included
You can set the Kitchen safe container to lock for a maximum 10 days (minimum of 1 day), which you set in minute increments.
Once the Ksafe container opens, it stays opened until you set the timer again so no worries the container will self-lock.
square shape: 5.5-inches tall by 5.5-inches long

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