Kitvision 360 Immerse Action Camera with Built-In Wi-Fi

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wondering how to make your very own virtual reality content on Youtube without forking out an arm and a leg?
Check out the Immerse 360  Action Camera by Kitvision! The Immerse 360 action cam is capable of shooting 360-degree videos in similar fashion to the Google street view camera car or fulldome video camera!
What makes the Immerse 360 action camera standout from other action cameras and single fish eye lenses is that you can capture more of the view around you.
tripod thread, HDMI port, microUSB port and microSD card slot (all sealed by a rubber grommet
The Immerse 360 cam has a super wide lens housed inside a small dome that gives the Immerse 360 action camera a field of view of 220 degrees.
Because of the 360 Immerse action camera lens is located on top of the camera, the lens captures the 360-degree peripheral panoramic viewpoint of a dome.
waterproof case camera cradle
You can then convert the footage to 360-degree using the Symax360 video converter for an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience. When you open the software, select "high" from video quality, press the "start" button and then wait for progress to reach 100%. After that, the 360 stitching will be done to the video.
exterior buttons
If you want to edit the footage you can use any video editor like Windows Movie Maker, and then save the video with the same format.
The fun part now is being able to upload 360 videos to Youtube. For that, you will need to insert 360 metadata into the file by downloading the 360 Video Metadata app (available for Mac or Windows).
After unzipping and opening the 360 Video Metadata app, select your video footage and select the tick box for Spherical (360), and click "Inject Metadata". That's it! Below is a 360 video uploaded to Youtube with the metadata. You will need to view the video on a smartphone or tablet in order to scroll around and experience the VR 360 effect.

On the side of the Immerse 360 camera, you find a rubber grommet (next to the tripod thread) housing a HDMI port, microUSB port and microSD card slot.
The 360 Immerse action camera can record in 360 degrees and shoot in standard 1080p HD format (1920 x 1080 @30fps) as well as 1440 x 1080 @30fps, and even capture 16 megapixel still photographs.
The Kitvision 360 Immerse action camera is the same size as a regular action camera and it even fits other action camera mount accessories like GoPro.
Another neat feature you get with the Immerse 360 is built-in Wi-Fi. This means you can connect your smartphone to the Immerse 360 camera and download the SYMAX360 App, which allows you to adjust different settings such as photo resolution and video resolution, as well as use the VR\Cardboard mode. In VR mode, you can use a virtual reality headset to watch through your phone the recorded footage and see everything you saw when you were there.
As far as functionality, you get three user control buttons with their respective LED indicators, as well as a built-in microphone and speaker.
Navigating through the Immerse 360 menu screens is straightforward. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button to enter the menus and use the "red circular" button to make a selection. Scrolling through the menu is also done with the Wi-Fi button by single presses. To go back, hold down the Wi-Fi button

First menu screen settings include: movie size (1080p @30 fps and 1440p @ 30fps), slow motion (on/off), white balance (auto, daylight, cloudy, Fluor H and tungsten)

Second menu screen settings include: power save (off, 1 min, 3 min and 5 min), date and time, language, timelapse (off, 3s, 5s, 10s, 30s and 1min), timelapse duration (unlimited, 5min and 10min, 15min, 20min, 30min and 60min). system (factory reset, system info, card info), Wi-Fi password and format (to delete data on microSD card).

The default menu screens include video mode (normal and driving modes) and picture mode:

Here is what you get inside the box.

List of Immerse 360 camera accessories:
camera silicone suction case
adhesive mount & 3.7 V 1000 mAh Li-ion
bike mount
plastic cradle mount, action camera screw, micro USB cable

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