Lexar JumpDrive Tough Weatherproof and Smashproof!

Friday, May 26, 2017

USB flash drives come in all shapes and sizes and if rugged, reliable and good sized memory are your priorities the JumpDrive Tough USB by Lexar will fit your bill!
Being robust and heavy duty in construction, the JumpDrive Tough is everything you could ever want in a USB stick for everyday carry. You won't have to worry about the USB casing falling apart nor weather elements (i.e. heat and water) because the JumpDrive Tough is weatherproof and smashproof (it can withstand pressure up to 750 PSI and temperatures of -13°F and 300°F).
This Lexar JumpDrive Tough can pretty much take anything you throw at it from being dropped in a puddle of mud to being bashed around while in a backpack or pocket.
A USB stick is always a handy bit of kit to have with you for carrying around important content that you must keep with you at all times. Plus, the JumpDrive Tough has EncryptStick, which is a 256-bit AES encryption protection that safeguards your files from becoming corrupted as well as making sure that files you delete from the drive can’t be recovered.
Another neat feature worth pointing out is that the JumpDrive Tough has a thick keyring hole so no worries about the keyhole wearing out after months and months of constant rubbing. Aside from being able to attach the USB stick to your keys, you can thread a lanyard through to carry the JumpDrive Tough around your neck.

As far as the read and write speeds, the JumpDrive Tough has a rating of up to 130MB/s read and 60MB/s write, so you can copy a 2 gigabyte file to the drive in around 60 seconds when the drive is connected to a USB 3.1 laptop or desktop PC port. Transfer rates are slightly higher when connected to a USB 2.0.

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