QCY QY7 Wireless Workout Earbuds

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Looking for a pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds for your fitness tracking smartwatch?  Check out the QY7 workout earbuds by QCY. They have great volume, bass, and battery life and don't cost an arm and a leg!
green pin hole is the microphone
The QCY QY7 earbuds are great for using them to listen to audiobooks on your e-reader, when at the gym, or for tracking your workout progress on your phone or smartwatch. The QY7 earbuds come in different colors but the lime green and black color-scheme are nice and cheerful.
Not only the the QY7s are affordable but they produce good bass and deliver clear sound on par with higher end headphones.
The QY7 workout earbuds are really a great pair of low end headphones for the price and quality, plus they have a quality build and come with a variety of ear fittings (earbud wingtips and earbud tips) to suit different ears!
anti-tangle flat cable
As far as fitting the QY7 earbuds in your ears, you insert them as you normally do regular earbuds and place the wingtips under the shell of your ear.
qcy multi-functional button is power button and Play/Pause button
Thanks to the 45-degree angle design of the nozzle tips and wingtips the QY7 earbuds are perfect for running as they don't fall out.
The user controls are located on the right earpiece and consist of a side-button (qcy button) and curved volume rocker for controlling the volume, Play/Pause, and answer calls is done via the qcy button too. The built-in microphone is located just below the volume rocker.
replacement tips and wingtips, as well as cable buckle
With continuous use, battery life lasts a good 5 hours on moderate volume and you receive a low battery warning five minutes before the battery runs flat.
Another feature you get with the QCY QY7 earbuds is Bluetooth profiles that allow you to control the music of your smart device from the earbuds.

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