American Press Shatterproof Coffee Press With 100 Micron Steel Mesh

Monday, June 26, 2017

Coffee press is an exceptional method for making coffee! If you are looking for a solid press pot that will last you a life-time without worrying the glass carafe will break at an inconvenient moment, check out It's American Press!
The American Press coffee maker is an "american twist" on the good old french press coffee plunger but with a twist. Instead of a glass carafe and glass pouring edge, the American Press has a steel pouring edge and a double-insulated wall Tritan carafe that is shatterproof and completely cool to the touch, even when filled with boiling water.
The American Press uses a stainless steel inlet filter as well as a very fine, 100 micron stainless steel outlet filter that filters out the cloudy (muddy) sediment that develops when the coffee starts to cool down, causing the coffee to taste bitter.
The American Press works similarly to a regular french press. Boil some water in an electric kettle and pour the boiling water in the carafe. Unlike a regular french press pot, the American Press has a vacuum sealed design and a reusable closed pod where the coffee is stored for brewing.
The American Press carafe can make 12 fl oz (355 ml) of coffee, which is exactly three standard coffee cups. You can also pour less water in the carafe to make a espresso shot.
pod: steel mesh and black seal gasket
The reusable pod can hold around 24 grams of coffee, though you can easily fit more than 30 grams of coffee by using the tamping (compressing) coffee technique baristas use. The American Press can use very fine or  very coarse coffee grind.
Around 24 grams of coffee per 12 ounces of water is the sweet spot for a nice cup of coffee. You can also use the coffee/water ratio of 12 grams per 6 ounces of water if you only want to make 1-2 cups of coffee.
steel pouring edge
As far as brewing, the American Press can brew as you press in under a minute, though for best results you want to first pre-infuse the coffee granules for 20 seconds by pressing the reusable pod down just enough to fill it with water until you see a little coffee emerging from the pod.
The American Press is made of stainless steel (handle, lid exterior, rod and filters), BPA-free Tritan (carafe, pod and filter retainer) and medical-grade silicone (seals and lid core).
pod opens with a twisting motion
You can entirely put the American Press in the dishwasher, including the seals and the filter screen in the pod top which can be easily removed by pushing it out of the pod top with your finger. Instructions on how to use the American Press are included.

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